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Portland Bike Path Stencil in Broadcast's "Tender Buttons" Music Video?

Submitted by Richard on Sat, 2005-11-19 14:48

Last night I listened to Roland's podcast with Will Pate and Michael Tippett which had an extended discussion about video available on the Internet, and Will mentioned he wanted to be able to subscribe to the RSS feed of a tag of videos that were, in his example, documentaries. I recalled that you can subscribe to RSS feeds of file types in, including video. So I tried a couple of examples with the plus "+" operator, and came up with bookmarks of .mov files also tagged with 'music'.

So, having dispensed with the breadcrumbs, I found a video Broadcast's "Tender Buttons" (I did a Technorati search for the URL to see what the song was titled, not really knowing the band very well and not finding any info about it on the momentmachine website), played it, and though it was interesting if not remarkable. It's shot in "one-take" style of the aftermath of a car crash plus shots of suburban life plus, strangely, a burning chair.

The still from the video above has what looks like a Portland bike path stencil, which leads me to believe the video was filmed at least partially in the Rose City. Some great information and photos of bike path stencils come from the link found at a Flickr photoset: an article in The Portland Tribune; an article in Velo Vision [PDF] (there is a discrepancy as to how much of Portland's streets have bike lanes: the former says 153 miles, the latter says over 250 miles); and, naturally, a Flickr bike path stencil group with photo pool.

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